Build Core Strength

Build Core Strength

“You can’t afford to ignore little monsters, because they grow into bigger problems. Kill monsters when they’re little.” 

– Rena Striegel, Transition Point Business Advisors 


A business that does not invest in its leaders often falters. A farm is no different, but the family dynamics present on farm operations can make leader development a rough proposition.

“I find when top operations do these steps to strengthen the core of the farm business, they get better performance out of people, less stress, and better performance overall,” says Rena Striegel, President of Transition Point Business Advisors. 


1. Unified Vision: First, Striegel recommends a unified vision for a 10-year plan. Whether it is diversification or more acres, you need an agreed-upon plan.

2. Define Roles: How can you create clarity of roles?  “Build a template to delegate responsibility and build in accountability to develop the next generation of your farm’s leaders,” she says.

3. Monitor and Measure: A periodic job review, rather than an annual review, might be optimal, and should be supplemented by individual development plans, she says.

4. Don’t Ignore Monsters: Small issues move in one direction and inevitably become larger in scope. “You can’t afford to ignore little monsters, because they grow into bigger problems,” she says. “Kill monsters when they’re little and less problematic. Get rid of them by increased structure and communication.”    TP


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Article By Chris Bennett, Top Producer