The DIRTT Project

The DIRTT Project

It grows our food, pays the bills, and cradles our homes. It surrounds the porches where we sit, the lanes that we maintain, and the fences we build. It provides the grain and grass that feeds our hands and remains the constant foundation underneath our feet. Grandma said, “They don’t make any more of it”. That leaves us with one option; to take care of what dirt we have.

When we created this course, our goal was to create a sustainable and durable system that anyone can use. We want to make sure that your operation stays viable and continues to grow in a healthy state as it is passed down to the next generation.

Succession planning is critical. As important as it is for you and your future, it is even more important for the future of the ones that you sacrifice time, money, and sweat for everyu day.

You now have the DIRTT.

Don’t waste another minute.


This Online Video Program contains:

  • 5 Courses

    • Course 1 – The Components

    • Course 2 – Setting the Stage

    • Course 3 – Discovery

    • Course 4 – Strategy

    • Course 5 – Implementation

  • 32 Chapters

  • 21 Tools

As a part of this online course you will receive a Welcome Kit that includes our 60-page Workbook that contains the tools and worksheets you need to make your succession planning process a success.


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