Business Continuity and Succession Planning (BCSP)

Business Continuity & Succession Planning

What is Business Continuity & Succession Planning (BCSP)?
Business continuity & succession planning focuses on planning ahead. These services help business’s prepare for an unexpected disaster, death or any other changes that spark transitions within the business. Business continuity & succession planning takes a range of personal and financial factors into consideration while creating a plan that meets the goals of each unique business.

Why BCSP is Needed

The way in which a business transition is planned and executed can literally “make or break” your business’s future. Business transitions pose a host of personal, business and family issues to work through. There are financial and tax implications. There are performance issues. There are emotions. Having a well-defined business succession plan and process can protect and enhance your financial future while ensuring harmony among family members and employees.

Our Unique Approach – The BCSP Process

Transition Point Business Advisors follows a proven process to help you successfully transition to the next phase of life and exit your business while protecting your hard-earned legacy, minimizing taxes and maximizing family harmony. We first focus on you as an individual. We learn about your values, goals and dreams – for yourself, your family, your employees and your business. Your vision becomes our vision, and it guides every aspect of our succession planning process.

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  • We learn about you
  • You learn about us
  • How we can best help you
  • Discuss our process
  • Proposal for Phase I

PHASE I – Diagnostic

  • Proposal Presentation
  • Discussion and approval
  • Provide Phase I services
  • Deliver diagnostic report
  • If appropriate, create proposal for Phase II

PHASE II – Plan Implementation

  • Proposal Presentation
  • Discussion and approval
  • Provide Phase II services
  • Determine next steps
  • If appropriate, create proposal for Phase III

PHASE III – Annual Business Review

  • Proposal Presentation
  • Discussion and approval
  • Provide Phase III services
  • Determine annual review

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